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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why am I still so busy?

Its just a couple days before Christmas and I'm working way to hard! Normally by this time, everybody has slid into a coasting mode. Not this year! Instead, I've been chasing all kinds of details while dodging the jackass that's trying to get me fired.

About that, one guy, a government guy who really doesn't like contractors like myself has tried to get me fired this week. This guy doesn't like the responsibility I am given and he doesn't like my methods and tactics when I am trying to get things accomplished. We don't work in the same organizationbut we have known each other for 5 years now. He works over in the depot planning and everything I do in coordination with the depot goes through his area.

What's his beef this week? He accused me of providing proprietary government data to another contractor; a competitor for a major workload that eventually did go to the competitor. All of the contracts were signed last summer and only after the depot completely exhausted all their options to do the work.

But this week, he accused me of handing over this data, a list that was created by one of his guys 14 months ago and then released to a member of the competing company's engineering staff. Which is what I proved to my boss because I kept the email from 2 Octobers ago. Since my boss sent that email back to the depot and the guy who is after me, there has been no more communication from the depot.

As a contractor, I have 2 bosses that I have to keep satisfied everyday. My government support work means that I have a government supervisor that assigns me to tasks and oversees my results. I also have a company boss who is responsible for my behavior and all my administrative obligations. I have to walk a narrow line every day because if my government boss doesn't like my performance, he can get rid of me pretty easy. My company boss is concerned that I don't do anything that reflects badly on the company. So its really a bad thing when an outside agency like the depot is making ugly phone calls and emails and insisting that I be "dealt with."

I'm pretty certain this circumstance is resolved but it certainly makes it difficult to be effective when you know there's somebody out there gunning for you.

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